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When you are a patient of Dr. Serrano, you can get regular check-ups, sick visits, and routine lab work. In addition, you'll have the comfort of working with a doctor you know and trust and the security of knowing exactly what you'll pay for your care. 

This isn't institutionalized healthcare. This is personalized care at an affordable price for the whole family. Our Direct Primary Care model includes your primary care, regular check-ups, and sick visits. As a member, you also have access to low-cost labs, imaging, and medication at wholesale prices.


Learn more about our Direct Primary Care (DPC) healthcare model and how it can work for you.


Direct Primary Care

at Health by Serrano, M.D.

Team up with Dr. Serrano, a caring, compassionate doctor, for your primary care needs without the interference of insurance companies. We eliminate the need to rely on your insurance and instead focus on building a solid patient-doctor relationship that drives your physical well-being.


with a higher level of care

Treating the whole Person

Dr. Serrano believes that supporting your physical health can also help support your emotional and spiritual needs. Her Christian values guide her work as a doctor and drive her to provide compassionate, patient-focused care.

Our practice offers a wide range of services, including:

Preventative care

ADD/ADHD evaluation and treatment 

Chronic disease management

Same or next-day appointments

Routine labs

Minor surgical and dermatologic procedures

Joint injections


INR adjustment


Rapid testing: COVID/FLU/RSV/Mono/Strep

Sports and School Physicals

Lifestyle counseling

B12 injections

Low-cost labs and imaging

Wholesale medication prices


We operate through a Direct Primary Care Model. That means we do not work with  insurance companies directly. Instead, you'll have unlimited access to the primary care services you need by paying one affordable flat monthly fee.


The Direct Primary Care model allows Dr. Serrano to spend more time with patients and learn about their health, lifestyle, and well-being goals. It also means you can get the best healthcare for your family, even if you don't have insurance.

Our practice focuses on strong doctor-patient relationships, proving that quality is far better than quantity in healthcare. 

The direct primary care model is entirely transparent, too, so you'll never be surprised by a medical bill or unsure about what you'll pay for your care. Our team will clearly communicate with you about any fees for labs or testing, and we'll work to give you the best price possible and keep your healthcare affordable.

If you are ready for a different healthcare experience, contact the Health by Serrano, M.D. team today! 

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. 

Romans 8:28

of Direct Primary Care

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